The WAFL conference was started in 2003. It is now recognized as the primary venue for cutting edge, theoretical work in all domains of linguistics of Altaic languages that include Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Mongolian languages.

WAFL 1 (2003) MIT (USA) [Proceedings, MITWPL#46]

WAFL 2 (2004) Boğagiçi University (Turkey) [Proceedings, MITWPL#54]

WAFL 3 (2006) Moscow State University (Russia) [Proceedings, WorldCat Entry ]

WAFL 4 (2007) Harvard University (USA) [Proceedings, MITWPL#55]

WAFL 5 (2008) University of London (UK) [Proceedings, MITWPL#58]

WAFL 6 (2009) Nagoya University (Japan) [Proceedings, MITWPL#61]

WAFL 7 (2010) University of Southern California (USA) [Proceedings, MITWPL#62]

WAFL 8 (2012) University of Stuttgart (Germany) [Proceedings, MITWPL#67]

WAFL 9 (2013) Cornell University (USA) [Proceedings, MITWPL#76]

WAFL 10 (2014) MIT (USA)

WAFL 11 (2015) York University (UK)

WAFL 12 (2016) Central Connecticut State University (USA)


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